The goal of Module 1 - IBM of the Learning Lab is to provide users with the essential steps on how to effectively incorporate NeuralSeek's advanced conversational capabilities into a current IBM system. By the end of this module, users will have a solid understanding of the steps involved in provisioning NeuralSeek, integrating it seamlessly with an IBM Watson Discovery instance, and setting up a seamless integration with an IBM watsonx Assistant virtual agent. By leveraging the combined power of NeuralSeek and IBM's pioneering technology, prepare to enhance your technical expertise and optimize customer engagement strategies.


Before participating in this Learning Lab, it is essential that users come prepared with the necessary resources to fully engage in the practical exercises. We recommend having an active instance of an:

  • Active NeuralSeek subscription. We recommend the Pay-per-Answer plan.
    • If BYOLLM plan is selected, we recommend the watsonx platform Large Language Model (LLM) "Llama-2-chat 70B".
  • KnowledgeBase, we recommend the IBM KnowledgeBase "Watson Discovery".
  • Virtual Agent, we recommend the IBM Virtual Agent "watsonx Assistant".

⚠️ Please be aware that any purchases or subscriptions related to the aforementioned tools must be made independently by the users. It is the responsibility of each participant to understand and manage the associated costs related to the use of NeuralSeek and any other integrated services within their IBM Cloud environment. Kindly ensure that all necessary resources are set up and accessible prior to beginning the Learning Lab for a seamless and enriching experience.

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