1.2 - Set Up Virtual Agent

Create Resource

If you do not have watsonx Assistant, login to IBM Cloud. Click “Create Resource”.


Search the Catalog

Search and select “watsonx Assistant”.


Create a Preferred Version

  • (a) Select version. In this example, “Lite”.
  • (b) Read the Terms and check, “I have read and agree to the following license agreements: Terms”.
  • (c) Click “Create”.


Launch watsonx Assistant

Click “Launch watsonx Assistant”.


Create Your First Assistant

  • (a) Type assistant name. In this example, “IBM Learning Lab: NeuralSeek with Watson
  • (b) Type optional description. In this example, “Learning experience to provide an immersive and hands-on approach to understanding the complexities of Watson and NeuralSeek.”.
  • (c) Select assistant language. In this example, “English”.
  • (d) Click “Next”.


Continue with the watsonx Assistant

Complete the required information.

  • (a) Select deployment plan, industry, team role, role, needs.
  • (b) Click “Next”.


Customize Your Chat UI

Complete the required information.

  • (a) Type assistant name, primary color, secondary color, accent color, and upload image.
  • (b) Click “Next”.


Preview and Create

Click “Create”.


The virtual agent IBM watsonx Assistant is now created and ready to be connected to NeuralSeek for use.

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