3.2 - Example Templates

NeuralSeek's mAIstro offers several adaptable example templates with a variety of capabilities best suited to your use case.

Load Template

The introductory screen of NeuralSeek's mAIstro feature will show the options for Example Templates and User Templates.

  • Click on Examples Templates, then choose the Write a Memo option.

If you have navigated out of the introductory screen, then click the Load button at the bottom of the screen to access the same options.

load_template choose_memo

Populated Nodes

Inside the Visual Editor, the example flow will populate and show three nodes. Let's explore these further.


Text Node

The first node of the template flow is a Text node.

  • Click on the node box to show the properties panel. Inside, is a pre-written prompt in natural language that states Write a memo to staff discussing the following capabilites:.


KB Search Node

The second node of the template flow is a KB Search node.

  • Click on the node box to show the properties panel.
  • Using keywords, run a query directly against the connected KnowledgeBase. In this example, we'll replace "cognos analytics" with filtering.



Send to LLM Node

The third node of the template flow is a Send to LLM node.


Evaluate the mAIstro Flow

Let's run our flow!

  • Click the blue Evaluate button on the bottom bar.
  • Notice the generated content appears in the lower panel, including a header, subject line, bulleted key features, and a few paragraphs of text.


Configure the LLM Node

Click on the Send to LLM node to show the properties panel.

  • Using natural language, optionally prepend an additional prompt to the Large Language Model. For example, add Limit to one paragraph.
  • Click the blue Evaluate button to generate a new output.

Notice that this output is significantly shorter and formatted as a single paragraph.



Debug the Flow

Click on the bug icon in the top right corner to see the full path of the evaluation, plus all the context variables.

  • Click on each step to expand the full evaluation.
  • Step #1: text
    • The natural language prompt is shown.
    • memo_inspector_step1
  • Step #2: kb
    • The contents generated show the resulting information pulled from our source documentation based on the prompted query.
    • memo_inspector_step2
  • Step #3: LLM
    • Notice the contents generated here are the same as the resulting contents from clicking the Evaluate button. This is due to it being the final step in the flow.
    • The generated contents show a one paragraph memo to our staff based on the contents generated in Step #2, just as the prompt indicates.
    • memo_inspector_step3

Download Generated Contents

Optionally, you can also download it in MS Word or CSV formats.

  • Click the Microsoft Word option next to Output Format to download the newly generated content as an MS Word document.

download_ms_word ms_word

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